B.Ed Course with Syllabus

B.Ed Syllabus – Semester 1

Sl. No. Childhood and Growing Up Contemporary India and Education Language across the Curriculum Understanding ICT And its Application
1 Learner as a Developing Individual Contemporary India Language Background of Students Introduction to ICT
2 Development and Learning Constitutional Provisions and Education Nature of Classroom Discourse ICT and Pedagogy
3 Understanding Childhood in a Socio-cultural perspective Policy Framework for Development of Education in India Informational Reading and Writing ICT for Assessment and Management
4 Adolescence: Issues and Concerns Initiatives of Government of India
5 Stages of Child Development: Implications for Teachers Contemporary Indian Education: Concerns and Issues

B.Ed Syllabus – Semester 2

Sl. No. Learning and Teaching Knowledge and Curriculum Assessment for Learning
1 Understanding the Learner Knowledge and Knowing Assessment and Evaluation: An Overview
2 Understanding Learning Forms of Knowledge and its organization in Schools Context of Assessment
3 Learning in ‘Constructivist’ Perspective Curriculum Determinants and Considerations Assessment Procedure
4 Understanding Teaching Curriculum Development Data Analysis, Feedback, and Reporting
5 Teaching as a Profession Curriculum Implementation and Renewal

B.Ed Syllabus – Semester 3

Sl. No.Engagement with the Field: TasksCreating an Inclusive SchoolHealth, Yoga and Physical education
1Tasks and Assignments in different CoursesUnderstanding Inclusion in EducationHealth Education
2School InternshipUnderstanding physical, psychological and social-cultural diversityPhysical Education
3Courses on Enhancing Professional CapacitiesAddressing Learners’ DiversityYoga

B.Ed Syllabus – Semester 4

Sl. No. Gender, School and Society Reading and Reflecting on Texts Arts in Education Understanding the Self
1 Gender Issues: Key Concepts Read the prescribed stories Visual Art and Craft Understanding of Self
2 Socialization Processes in India: Family, School, and Society Essays/ Excerpts from Literary Texts Performing Arts: Dance, Music, Theatre, and Puppetry Development of Professional Self and Ethics
3 Creating Gender Inclusive Classroom Essays /Excerpts from Educational and Scientific Texts Theory: Appreciation of Art Role of Teacher in Developing Understanding of Self among Learners